OmniSeq Comprehensive® Assay

OmniSeq Comprehensive® Assay

OmniSeq Comprehensive® Assay

A next generation sequencing (NGS) assay that tests tumor DNA and RNA to identify somatic mutations in 144 genes for solid tumors to help guide targeted therapeutic management for patients with cancer.1

The assay measures all types of relevant variants (SNVs, CNV, fusions) for a comprehensive assessment of the tumor1

OmniSeq Comprehensive Assay - Genes and NGS Technologies
DNA-Sequencing (DNA-Seq) RNA-Sequencing (RNA-Seq)
(SNVs, insertions and deletions)
Copy Number Variants
(gains and losses)


A proprietary pre-analytical process enables a very low sample input requirement (1 ng–30 ng), thus obtaining a very low quantity not sufficient (QNS) result rate compared to other comprehensive genomic profiling assays2,3,4


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The OmniSeq Comprehensive® assay was developed by OmniSeq® and is performed by OmniSeq as a send-out from Integrated Oncology, part of LabCorp Specialty Testing Group, its US distributor.


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