OmniSeq Advance Assay

OmniSeq Advance Assay

A single test with 99% actionability.1

Combine both targeted therapy and immune-oncology biomarkers in a single report.

Get a Comprehensive Picture

Only OmniSeq Advance synthesizes the most relevant biomarkers for selecting targeted therapies and provides a comprehensive immune profile to characterize DNA damage (TMB and MSI), TILs, T-cell receptor signaling, and other markers of immune stimulation and escape.

Components of OmniSeq Advance

  • PD-L1 IHC according to histology
  • CD8 IHC to characterize tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs)
  • MSI by NGS, no normal tissue required
  • Tumor mutational burden (TMB) – 409 genes
  • RNA-sequencing of over 50 critical immune markers to characterize the tumor micro-environment (TME)
  • Somatic genomic profiling of 144 genes
  • Personalized summary of findings written by a pathologist

Actionable Results Shown by OmniSeq Testing Data1

  • 43% of patients tested to date have had targeted and/or immuno evidence Level 1/Level 2 results, *1,2 notably higher than rate of targeted therapy tests.
  • Actionability reaches 99% by combining indicated and contraindicated biomarker results for targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

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The OmniSeq Comprehensive® assay was developed by OmniSeq® and is performed by OmniSeq as a send-out from Integrated Oncology, part of LabCorp Specialty Testing Group, its US distributor.


1. Based on OmniSeq Internal data.
2. FDA Fact Sheet, CDRH’s Approach to Tumor Profiling Next Generation Sequencing Tests, U.S. Food and Drug Administration. FDA website, Accessed 5/10/18.