Featured Tests

Featured Tests

Integrated Oncology offers a comprehensive menu of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive tests, both routine and complex. We continue to move forward and look for new advances to offer you more.

Here are some of our new and featured tests. Please click the test for additional information





A complete testing portfolio powered by precision medicine

Resolution ctDx Lung™ Assay

ctDNA Liquid biopsy assay that targets actionable, somatic SNVs, indels, fusions, and copy number variants in 23 genes in NSCLC

IntelliGEN® Myeloid

NGS assay evaluating 50 genes associated with myeloid malignancies

PD-L1 Testing

for NSCLC, Gastric/GEJ, Cervical Cancer, Melanoma, SCCHN, TNBC, Urothelial Carcinoma and ESCC

Lynch Syndrome

Comprehensive screening and diagnostic solutions for the most common cause of hereditary colorectal cancer

therascreen® PIK3CA Mutation Analysis

FDA approved companion diagnostic for advanced breast cancer