Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Integrated Oncology is an integral part of the LabCorp team that brings together world-class diagnostics and drug development capabilities so patients have day one access to companion diagnostics and associated FDA approved therapies. Together, we are uniquely positioned at the intersection of research and patient care to enable more precise and individualized health care. Our menu of molecular, next generation sequencing and immuno-oncology assays are at the forefront of precision medicine, matching the right patient with the best treatment. 

Latest in Precision Medicine

Video (see below): Covance Chief Scientific Officer Steve Anderson speaks about the importance of partnerships in delivering on the promise of precision medicine.



Press release: LabCorp Announces Availability of New QIAGEN therascreen FGFR mutation analysis companion diagnostic for Bladder Cancer

Video (see below):  At ASCO 2019, LabCorp's Senior Director for Molecular Oncology Anjen Chenn, MD Ph.D, speaks about FGFR testing solutions from QIAGEN and how it works. He also answers the question: Why does Day One Lab Readiness matter?


Press release: QIAGEN and LabCorp launch collaboration to provide Day-One access for patients to innovative companion diagnostics at the time of drug approvals

Video (see below):  At ASCO 2019, Tom Turi speaks about companion diagnostics and the benefits for labs and patients gained from the Day One Lab Readiness program from QIAGEN.


Press release: Mission Bio Partners With LabCorp to Accelerate Targeted Drug Development with Single-Cell Genomics

Speech script: LabCorp Chairman and CEO David P. King's Keynote Speech from 14th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference

Infographic: David P. King keynote highlights from 14th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference at Harvard Medical School

Q&A: Slone Partners’ Interview with David P. King ahead of his keynote address at the 14th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference

Video (see below): LabCorp Chief Medical Officer Brian Caveney Speaks about the Economics of Precision Medicine at the Precision Medicine World Conference at Duke University

Press release: LabCorp and Unilabs Collaborate to Expand Global Reach of Precision Medicine Capabilities to Serve Patients, Physicians and Pharma

Background and video: Companion diagnostics: Changing the way patient care is provided


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