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OmniSeq Advance Assay

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A single test with 99% actionability.1

Combine both targeted therapy and immune-oncology biomarkers in a single report.

Get a Comprehensive Picture

Only OmniSeq Advance synthesizes the most relevant biomarkers for selecting targeted therapies and provides a comprehensive immune profile to characterize DNA damage (TMB and MSI), TILs, T-cell receptor signaling, and other markers of immune stimulation and escape.

Components of OmniSeq Advance

  • PD-L1 IHC according to histology
  • MSI by NGS, no normal tissue required
  • Tumor mutational burden (TMB) – 409 genes
  • RNA-sequencing of over 60 critical immune markers to characterize the tumor micro-environment (TME)
  • Somatic genomic profiling of 144 genes
  • Personalized summary of findings written by a pathologist

Actionable Results Shown by OmniSeq Testing Data1

  • 43% of patients tested to date have had targeted and/or immuno evidence Level 1/Level 2 results, *1,2 notably higher than rate of targeted therapy tests.
  • Actionability reaches 99% by combining indicated and contraindicated biomarker results for targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

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The OmniSeq Comprehensive® assay was developed by OmniSeq® and is performed by OmniSeq as a send-out from Integrated Oncology, part of LabCorp Specialty Testing Group, its US distributor.