Specimen Requirements

Specimen Requirements

Please review the quick reference guide for oncology/pathology specimen requirements. This document serves as a general reference guide for minimum specimen requirements necessary for testing. Test-specific requirements may differ, please refer to the directory of tests and services online at www.integratedoncology.com for detailed specimen requirements for individual tests.

  • Label all tubes with a minimum of 2 unique patient identifiers; slides require 1 patient identifier (i.e. name, DOB, specimen ID #, medical record #)
  • Close all tubes and canisters tightly
  • Enclose completed paperwork

Specimen Delay/Rejection

Specimens can be delayed and/or rejected for the following reasons:

  • Specimen is not labeled with required patient identifiers.
  • There is a mismatch between the numbers on the requisition and on the specimen sent (i.e. blocks, slides, tubes).
  • Specimen is received without a requisition.
  • Tissue block is not processed correctly and reprocessing is required.
  • Special request from the client to hold until further notice.

Shipping Information

Unsure where to send a specimen? Please call our Client Services Department: (800) 447-5816.

  • In hot weather, enclose a refrigerated (not frozen) gel pack in shipper kit.
  • In cold weather, run hot water over gel pack for 3-5 minutes and enclose in shipper kit.

Ship specimens in a timely manner based upon the test-specific requirements.