About Us

Integrated Oncology is driven by its commitment to patients and offers a broad array of pathology and oncology testing services. More than 25 years of testing expertise utilizing sophisticated technologies has made Integrated Oncology a leading provider of high-quality testing services for physicians and their patients. With an extensive network of laboratories across the United States, Integrated Oncology assists thousands of clinicians in providing the best care possible to patients.

Oncology Testing

Integrated Oncology understands that a multidisciplinary approach is required to evaluate specific types of cancer and help guide treatment decisions. With experienced pathologists, cytogeneticists, and molecular geneticists, we ensure that the most appropriate and clinically relevant technologies are employed to provide the answers you need.

Our professional staff provides reporting and telephone consultations in both hematopathology and solid tumors.

We offer a comprehensive antibody library, a FISH probe library, and related molecular pathology and cytogenetic testing from our laboratories across the US.